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7 Animals that Don’t Feel Emotions (List)

Spectacular photo of coral family under the ocean.

Human beings have the capacity to experience a wide range of emotions, from sorrow to grief to happiness, but many of us are unsure if animals have the same experiences. Have you ever wondered what kinds of animals are incapable of feeling emotions?

Scientists claim that certain animals are capable of experiencing emotions, whereas others are incapable of experiencing any feelings at all. According to experts, animals that do not have brain structures or brain networks do not have the ability to feel any emotions. These creatures, which are also referred to as limbic system animals, are incapable of feeling any emotions such as fear, rage, terror, sorrow, or happiness.

For example, multicellular creatures such as sea sponges, most corals, sea anemones, as well as other similar species, are considered to be examples of these kinds of animals. In this post, we will talk about the different animals that don’t feel emotions according to scientists. So if you’re interested in learning more about these creatures that don’t feel emotions, keep reading.

The Following Animals Don’t Feel Emotions

As previously stated, scientists believe that a specific group of animals may experience emotions similar to those experienced by humans; yet, other types of animals do not experience emotions at all.

In the world of invertebrates, there are very few species that ever express what we call emotion. The cephalopods, such as the octopus and the squid, are prominent outliers to this. Despite the fact that they have never shown emotions, responses such as fear, and anger, as well as satisfaction seem to be present in these creatures.

The following are examples of creatures that are incapable of feeling any emotions:

InsectsDifferent class of insects pinned on a closed wall box with their corresponding nomenclature.

The world has several insects with thousands of different species that cover the world. They vary according to their colors, shapes, and structures, as well as their overall look. Due to the fact that insects are members of the invertebrate kingdom, they do not have brain networks and, as a consequence, they do not feel any emotion at all.

Jelly FishA stunning photo of jellyfish on a black background.

There are various types of jellyfish, and they are all invertebrates. These animals do not have any brain networks. Because they are devoid of any centralized nerve or brain, they are unable to feel any emotion.

The reflexes of jellyfish, on the other hand, are solely based on instinct.

Sea LilliesRaw image of a regular sea lilies.

These are animals that are closely related to sea urchins in appearance. However, they are attached to the sea or bottom of the ocean. They also have limbs that are feathered and can take on the appearance of plants.

These sea lilies, like the majority of invertebrates, lack brains, and as a consequence, they are unable to experience any emotions. In a similar vein, they do not experience any pain since they do not have a backbone.

Sea AnemonesSea anemones with colorful tentacles.

Similar to sea lilies, these animals have the appearance of plants. The only thing that distinguishes them from plants is that they must hunt for food. They are characterized by their lengthy tentacles, which they use to eat and seek their food in the ocean.

Despite their seemingly varied lives, sea anemones are not capable of experiencing emotions.

CoralsA different species of colorful corals.

Corals are another kind of animal that does not feel any emotions. Because they do not have a brain, they are unable to experience the wide range of emotions that humans are capable of. In fact, they can’t even retain memories.

While corals and jellyfish are quite similar in appearance that’s not the only they share. Both animals can survive for a very long time, up to 1000 years, and they live deep in the seawater. Corals also lack a backbone, therefore, they will not be able to feel any kind of pain.

Sea UrchinsA group of blue sea urchins emphasizing its sharp spines.

Sea urchins are creatures that have pointed and spiky bodies. They use this as armor to protect themselves against predators. These sea urchins, like the majority of other invertebrates, lack brains and, as a result, are unable to experience emotions.

Even though they have a neurological system that functions in the same way as their brain, they are unable to experience any emotions due to the absence of a brain.

Sea SpongesA macro shot of sea sponges.

There are about 8000 thousand different species of sea sponges found around the globe. All sea sponges are invertebrates, which means they have no backbone, they do not have a brain too. Essentially, this implies that these marine sponges lack a central nervous system or a brain network.

This indicates that they are free of any kind of emotional reaction. Furthermore, sea sponges do have a backbone, so they’re not capable of feeling pain either.


The ability to feel emotions is something that both humans and animals have in common. There are certain animals, however, that are incapable of feeling any emotions at all while other animals are so similar to us, it’s remarkable! If there’s one thing we’ve learned through our exploration of the animal kingdom, it’s that there are all kinds of species out there and they don’t all function the same.

Some have emotions like us, while others can’t feel anything at all.